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If in 1958 you sought a guide of Venice, you’d call Amedeo Storti, who would take you on a tour of the city.  The joy of enthusiastic tourists soon prompted him to publish a guide to the city – an amazing success. Guidebooks to other cities then followed – all in separate translations.

Amedeo, ever determined to produce quality books at attractive prices – “If a book is any good, the cheaper the better” so Bernard Shaw would say – then moved on to the publication of illustrated art  catalogues featuring leading monuments. A series of maps, postcards and calendars were added. Today, STORTI EDIZIONI, with the aid of its editorial staff, graphics department, photographers and translators, manages all phases of the publication from start to finish.

Updated each year in all languages the books are appreciated for their illustrations, texts and graphic layouts. Through the years the publishing house has expanded its presence abroad. Products now include souvenirs, theme playing cards, calendars, postcards and much more.