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The most complete map of the city of Venice - updated, practical, brimming with information and interactive, thanks to the handy QR codes ready for downloading on smartphones and tablets. These give direct access to timetables and useful information regarding Venice's principal museums and monuments.


Verona, a city teeming with art and history, is brought to you in a simple, comprehensive guide that aims not just to inform but, above all, to explain the monuments’ origins and interesting features and why they are the way they are. It is ideal both as an armchair read and as your companion around town.

Strolling around... THE RIVIERA DEL BRENTA
In conjunction with the traditional Riviera Fiorita flower show in September 2012, Storti Edizioni, under the auspices of the Union Of Municipalities, “Cities of the Riviera del Brenta”, published the latest in its series of Strolling around...guides.
Complete, practical and easy to use, this new, updated Inside and Outside series is not only your ideal guide to Padua but also has added attractions like the Euganean Hills and the Riviera del Brenta, famous for the numerous ancient villas of the Venetian nobility.


Venice and Padua BAG
Our new line of polyester handbags lends a modern touch to the city itself.
Available in various sizes they satisfy all needs: from the university student’s carry-all to the shopping bag...
With Storti Edizioni, Venice gets trendy!
Strolling around... SAINT MARK'S SQUARE
Over one hundred colour pictures, a total of 54 diagrams, maps and illustrations to guide you step by step on your discovery of the monuments, history and rarities in one of the most famous places in the world. From the description of all the capitals and statues of the Doge's Palace to the legend...
Launched on Saturday, April 16th, 2011, at the Scoletta dei Calegheri in Venice, this complete guide lets you explore the fascination of a thousand-year-old city where history, art and civilisation have come together to create something truly unique.