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Strolling around... THE RIVIERA DEL BRENTA

In conjunction with the traditional Riviera Fiorita flower show in September 2012, Storti Edizioni, under the auspices of the Union Of Municipalities, “Cities of the Riviera del Brenta”, published the latest in its series of Strolling around...guides.

Across the centuries the waterway connecting Venice with Padua evolved into an extraordinary runway of villas, at first simple farm houses, and then full fledged patrician vacation residences, surrounded by parks and embellished with frescoes in their interiors.
This guide, which has been defined “emotional”, introduces us to a fascinating and unique territory with an explanation not only of its origins and evolution, but of the feelings that arise when crossing it by boat, when entering an ancient abode or visiting an enchanting park.

Author: Paolo Mameli
Venetian, he graduated in architecture and lives and works in Venice as draughtsman and illustrator.
He has been studying straightforward graphic communication methods for years. Author of numerous narrative texts and publications on Venice, among which “Strolling around..Saint Mark's Square,”Strolling around...Rialto”, “Venice Inside and Out” all published by Storti Edizioni.