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The waterway linking Venice and Padua has changed over the centuries into a remarkable parade of villas, initially not much more than farmhouses, later veritable stately homes, complete with generous parks outside and frescoes inside.
This guide, that we have termed “passionate”, introduces us to this unique and fascinating territory. It not only explains its origins and evolution, but also the sensations experienced while crossing it by boat, entering a historic residence or visiting an enchanting park.
This is all equipped with a detailed itinerary from Malcontenta to Stra and the detailed descriptions of all the main villas open to the public, from the loftiness and extravagance of Villa Pisani to the perfection of Villa Foscari or “la Malcontenta”, with 140 colour photographs, floor- plans, diagrams, maps and many curiosities, like the romantic garden of Brusoni-Scalella or the famous labyrinth of Stra, complete with map and … the solution to exit it.
Format: 15x21 cm
104 pages • 140 colour illustrations • 28 diagrams
Available in ItalianEnglishFrenchGerman


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